Loading San Diego Masjids in your Garmin GPS unit


If you have a garmin gps unit you can use the following gpx file to load the addresses of all the san diego masjids into your garmin gps unit.  Please follow the directions below.





Loading San Diego Masjid locations into your Garmin GPS unit:


Background: If you are unfamiliar with "Point of Interest" files please read here.


1. Download and install POI loader from the garmin website: http://www8.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=927


2. Create a directory on your system called "poi".


3. Place "MasjidsSanDiego.gpx" and "MasjidsSanDiego.bmp" into the poi folder.


4. Connect your gps unit to your PC via usb cable.  


5. Launch POI loader app, and set the poi directory above to be the data directory



6. Complete the steps in the wizard.